What to when your BBQ smoker stops working?

It can be a very annoying experience when your electric smoker stops working at the moment you need it so badly.  There are some many reasons that can make your smoker unable to start.

If your smoker doesn’t startup, the first thing to do is find out whether the power socket has been correctly plugged. Ensure that all connections to the smoker are in place and working properly. If they are connected properly, check if the fuse is still working.  Most times when an electric smoker stops working, it’s always due to an electrical fault.

If the electric smoker is not burning properly or jammed, find out if there are woods chips clogging the unit. The smoker won’t burn properly if there are wood chips trapped in the smoker.  Sometimes a smoker can get damaged if an inferior wood is used in the electric smoker for a long period of time. So, mind the type of wood you are using in the smoker. Male, cherry, hickory, plum, cedar, and alder are all good examples of wood options you can use in the smoker.


Make use the right voltage to the smoker is stable. Check the extension cord and see if it matches with the requirement of the smoker. Your smoker isn’t going to work if you’re using the same type of chord for other electrical appliances to connect the smoker. The smoker is stronger in voltage and requires a 10-gauge cord to work properly. A smaller chord may work on the smoker at the initial stage. But it will stop after some time when the smoker is heating up.